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A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a Single Step
It has been an eventful journey. Of accomplishments and accolades. Of deeds and developments. Of stumbling blocks and glorious achievements. Even after many years, feels like it has just begun. And there is a long never-ending journey to travel and contribute to the profession of chartered accountancy in multiple ways.
When the company was formed in 1969 in Delhi by CA. Raj Gupta with the aim of providing value added professional services in various fields, we did not know that we would reach this far. For over four decades, Gupta Raj & Co. has been scaling new heights of professionalism in services pertaining to Chartered Accountancy. We integrate the efficiency and technical expertise with the intellectual and inter-personal skills needed to build close and enduring client relationships.
With a formidable team of financial experts and CAs, the firm has grown by leaps and bounds to deliver an exemplary array of consulting services to a diverse range of industries. The firm over a period of time has established itself as a leading professional practice firm in the areas of Accounting, Auditing Taxation & Consulting. Using our multi-disciplinary expertise in our realm, knowledge and technology capabilities, we assist businesses in identifying issues that can have varying significance in their workings & developing feasible solutions. With its growing expertise and customer centric disposition and a strong adherence to principles and values, Gupta Raj & Co has steadily expanded its client base and nurtured a culture of professionalism and excellence.
As a Chartered Accountant, we believe in upholding the highest standards of business ethics, diligent customer service, with a passion to surpass previous achievements and create new benchmarks. Total customer satisfaction is not enough. Customer delight is what is aimed for. We are an integrated team of highly qualified professionals with diverse background and excellent credentials in all areas. Each team member works towards achieving and surpassing challenges which are in line with team and personal goals with an unflinching commitment.
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